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Technical Requirements

Lofelt Studio provides multiple tools for adding haptics to applications that run on a growing number of platforms and devices. These tools have specific technical requirements—and they support creation of haptic effects for devices and platforms that meet certain technical requirements.


Because mobile games are created on desktop and laptop computers, Lofelt Studio authoring tools run on those devices as well.

Studio desktop app

The Studio desktop app, used for authoring haptics, will run on the following operating systems:

OS Version
Windows Windows 7 and above
MacOS 10.14 Mojave and above

Integration and Playback

Device Requirements

For a user to experience the haptic effects you are designing for your application with Lofelt Studio, the user’s device (phone) must meet two criteria.

First, the device must have an adequate haptic actuator. In the case of Apple products, iPhones now include a Taptic Engine capable of reproducing Lofelt Studio’s haptics, but iPads do not. So, users will feel haptics when running your application on a compatible iPhone, but they will not when running the same application on an iPad.

Similarly, some Android phones and devices make use of ERM haptic actuators while some use LRA haptic actuators. ERM haptic actuators do not allow for intricate amplitude control while LRA actuators do. Lofelt Studio haptics will not work on Android phones or devices that use ERM haptic actuators.

Secondly, Lofelt Studio makes use of the device’s own APIs to generate haptics, such as Apple’s Core Haptics framework and Android’s Vibration API. When dealing with Apple phones, keep in mind that Core Haptics was introduced in iOS 13 and is only supported on iPhone 8 and newer models. Core Haptics doesn’t work on earlier model phones, such as iPhone 7, even though these phones do contain a Taptic Engine. For Android devices, they must be running Android 8 (API Level 26) or newer.

Verified Device Support

The current version of Lofelt Studio—the frameworks and the Studio mobile app—have been verified on the following device and OS configurations:

Make and Model Operating System
Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 10, iPhone 12 iOS 13 and newer
Google Pixel 2 Android 8
Google Pixel 3 Android 11
Google Pixel 4 Android 11
Samsung Note 10 Android 10
Huawei P30 Android 10

While the above table shows the list of phone and OS configurations we have tested at Lofelt, this is not an exhaustive compatibility list by any means. It is assumed that Lofelt Studio will play back on many more devices than what is shown in this list provided they meet the general Device Requirements outlined above.

Development Platforms

The current version of Lofelt Studio can be used with the following development systems and engines:

Target Development Platform
iOS Applications iOS 11, Xcode 11.4 and newer
Android Applications API Level 19, Android Studio
Unity 2019.4.16 LTS and the latest stable releases.

Keep in mind that, even though you can build for OS versions as early as iOS 11 and Android SDK API level 19, haptic playback is not supported on those versions.

Check device playback requirements here.

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