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Lofelt Haptics Philosophy

We receive haptic sensations nearly every moment of our lives. They are natural phenomena that are part of our human experience. We are continuously sensing motion, pressure, temperature and vibrations through our bodies.

Vibrations are closely related to sounds. Both vibrations and sounds begin with events that create some kind of physical pressure variation—such as a door slamming shut, a car revving its engine, or someone walking past us. Sound is what we perceive when the pressure variation propagates through the air and stimulates our ears. Vibration is what we perceive when the pressure variation propagates through solids and liquids, stimulating our skin.

Our brains understand the correlation between sounds and vibrations. And in fact, our brains expect this correlation. We expect certain vibrations to accompany particular sounds—like the deep vibrations we feel when we hear thunder. Technologies that can combine sound and vibration produce very rich, engaging experiences.

Technology vendors began incorporating basic vibrotactile feedback into pagers, early cell phones and gaming devices decades ago. But in most cases, these haptic experiences served merely as notifications: a cell phone would rhythmically vibrate when it was in “silent” mode. Until recently, technologies could not truly integrate sounds and vibrations to create immersive experiences.

Today, with the increasing availability of high-quality audio and visual content, users have come to expect more from their devices, including high-quality haptic feedback. And fortunately, next-generation actuators can deliver a wider range of vibrations to produce more nuanced sensations.

Lofelt Studio enables content creators to capitalize on the latest technologies for delivering powerful haptic effects. This suite of tools allows you to automatically generate haptic effects by performing detailed analysis of your audio files. You can avoid the painstaking process of manually programming rich and natural haptic experiences.

And importantly, Lofelt Studio enables you to author haptic effects once and then use them on a wide variety of devices. There is no need to create different versions of haptic effects for devices with different capabilities.

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