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Code Size on iOS

When looking at the impact of Lofelt Studio on code size, it’s necessary to take into account both the binary and the associated .haptic files (unless you are only using the Real-time Audio-to-Haptics feature, which doesn’t require .haptic files).


The Studio framework for iOS adds approximately 600 KByte (compressed) and 1.6 MByte (uncompressed) of data to your application once it is compiled and put through various optimizations for submitting to the App Store. You can further understand how to reduce your app’s size by reading Apple’s App Thinning documentation.


The Studio framework for iOS only includes slices for arm64 and the x86_64 CPU architectures. arm64 will be included with your app for use on physical iOS devices while the x86_64 is only used for the simulator.


We include bitcode with our Studio framework for iOS. This won’t affect the download size of the application.

Haptic Clips

A .haptic file can reach about 4 KByte for 1 second of haptic data when analyzing audio with no silence detection and using the default settings in the Studio desktop app.

There are many factors that contribute to the size of .haptic files, but it is likely most haptic clips will be smaller than 4 KByte because they will have shorter lengths and fewer breakpoints. A lot of the input audio material might be considered out-of-range during the analysis in the Studio desktop app and Studio web app.

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