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Performance Measurements

We know from experience that very low latency and overall high performance are critical for delivering the best possible haptic experience. Since our playback frameworks and libraries will be deployed to many systems, we aim to ensure they are as lightweight and CPU-efficient as possible, wherever they run. These requirements were at the center of our decision to adopt Rust for our cross-platform core technology.


We have been building high-performance haptic systems (firmware and hardware) for many years. Feedback from our partners and our customers has helped us achieve best-in-class performance.

We aim to continue these crucial feedback loops with Lofelt Studio. We want your feedback about how our playback frameworks and libraries perform for your product, content, and use cases. Any performance bottlenecks you encounter are important to us, so please don’t hesitate to file them on our support page.

Indicators, Regressions and Bugs 🔥

We will continue to update this section to provide key indicators on CPU, memory, and energy usage when playing Lofelt Studio haptics on various devices.

In the pages that follow, any time you see the 🔥 emoji, we consider this to be a performance bug or regression and are working actively to improve it for an upcoming release.

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