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Triggering Haptic Clips

🔥NOTE: At the time of this writing, the Studio plug-in for Unity is in beta and has very limited functionality. Specifically, it is currently possible to only load one haptic clip into a Haptic Source per GameObject and play only one Haptic Source at any given time. Future beta releases will address this limitation.

Triggering the Haptic Source of a GameObject can be achieved via simple Play and Stop commands.


This function plays back the haptic clip specified with the GameObject’s Haptic Source. In this current beta version, playback of a haptic source is not triggered automatically (e.g. by proximity between the Haptic Receiver and the game object the Haptic Source is attached to) and must always be triggered with this function.


NOTE: In this version, the haptic clip will always be played unaltered—no attempts will be made to change the haptic intensity, position, or speed based on the location of the Haptic Source relative to the Haptic Receiver.


This function can stop the playback of a Haptic Source if it’s currently playing; if not playing, this function will do nothing.


Unity Example Project

Included in the Lofelt Studio download is an example Unity project that makes use of the Studio plug-in for generating haptics. It shows an example of how to load separate haptic clips onto two different buttons and then play them individually when clicked. You can find the project in the Studio download at sdk/examples/unity/LofeltHapticsExample.

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