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Setting Up the Haptic Receiver

🔥NOTE: The Studio plug-in for Unity is currently in beta and under development. Information on this page is subject to change.

In Unity, the audio system works by assigning audio assets to various game objects. The final audio mix is then determined by the positions of these game objects around the player/camera who is equipped with an Audio Listener component.

The Studio plug-in for Unity works on a similar principle: Haptic assets are assigned to various game objects, and the actual haptic playback is determined by the proximity of these objects to the player/camera who is equipped with a Haptic Receiver component.

There must be one, and only one, Haptic Receiver object in your project in order for haptics to work.

To assign the Haptic Receiver object:

  1. Click on Main Camera in the scene hierarchy:

    Select "Main Camera"

  2. In the Inspector, click “Add Component”:

    Click "Add Component"

  3. Type “haptic” in the search box and select Haptic Receiver:

    Choose "Haptic Receiver"

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