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🔥NOTE: The Studio library for Android is currently in beta and under development. Information on this page is subject to change.

The pre-authored haptics are out of sync with the audio

This is known issue with the current beta version and will be addressed in an upcoming update.

The pre-authored haptics feel stretched

This is a current limitation of Android.

Playback of haptic clips with more than ~50 breakpoints might feel “stretched” during playback making clips play longer than designed. However, if your app is CPU load intensive, this might not happen. This is a current limitation of the Android Vibration API and it has been fixed by the Android team for future major platform releases (after API Level 30).

The haptics feel really bad on my phone

At the time of this writing, we allow using the Android library on a phone which doesn’t have amplitude control, but that will change in the future. On such a phone, the haptic experience will not be good as explained in the Platform Comparison Chart.

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