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Adding the Studio Library for Android to Your Android Studio Project

Copying the Library into the Project

Simply copy the LofeltHaptics.aar file from the sdk/android-library folder within the Lofelt Studio download to the libs folder of your Android Project. The library should then appear in Android Studio:

LofeltHaptics in lib folder

Add the Library to build.gradle

Once you have copied the LofeltHaptics.aar file into your project, you will also need to add the following line at the bottom of the dependencies section of the app’s build.gradle file:

implementation files('libs/LofeltHaptics.aar')

Setting Up the API Documentation

The Lofelt Studio download contains API documentation for the Android library in HTML format. It can be viewed in a browser by opening android-library/docs/index.html. It can also be integrated into Android Studio to provide context-sensitive help, by following the steps at

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