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Integrating Haptics

Lofelt Studio contains a growing number of components for integrating haptics into applications. At the time of this writing, the release version of Studio contains a framework for iOS that allows haptics to be added to iPhone applications. Additionally, the current beta version also includes an Android Library for building Android applications, as well as a haptics plug-in for the Unity game engine. Over time, we will release additional frameworks, libraries, and plug-ins for programming haptics on other platforms, engines, and devices.

The main workflow for integrating haptics is:

  1. Add your audio samples and haptic clips to your project.
  2. Use the functions of the the libraries, frameworks, or plug-ins to play the haptics at the appropriate times.
  3. Build and deploy to the target devices.

Integration Workflow

This section of the documentation is split into three sections, each detailing a specific way for integrating haptics into applications:

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