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Amplitude The intensity or strength of the vibration in a haptic effect. With higher amplitudes, stronger vibrations are created. Audio Analyzer Envelopes Envelope Selector Emphasis Points
Audio Analyzer Lofelt’s technology to automatically creates extremely detailed haptics from any audio file, the starting point of authoring haptics with Lofelt Studio. Audio Analyzer
Breakpoint A single point in time with a specific value, used when constructing envelopes. Editing Envelopes
Envelope A graphical representation of how a value, either Amplitude or Frequency, changes over time, similar to a line graphs where time is mapped across the horizontal axis. Envelopes Envelope Selector Editing Envelopes
Frequency The “pitch” or “tone” of the haptic effect which becomes higher as the frequency value increases. Audio Analyzer Envelopes Envelope Selector
Haptic clip The export file format for haptic effects authored with the Studio desktop app and Studio web app, and played by the libraries and plug-ins. This file has the extension .haptic. Studio desktop app Studio web app Playing Haptic Clips

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