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Authoring Troubleshooting

Audio Analysis Won’t Work

The Audio Analyzer in the Studio desktop app relies on a web service to process audio and generate haptic envelopes. If the app is unable to connect to that web service, you will see an error at the bottom of the window when you click “Analyze.”

Audio Analysis Error

If you see this error message, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. If your computer is not connected, the Studio desktop app will not be able to reach the servers to perform analysis.

If you are connected to the Internet and are still receiving this error, it could indicate that the analysis servers are temporarily offline. If this is the case, you will need to wait and retry in a few minutes—the analysis will work once the servers are back online again.

Studio Desktop App Doesn’t Respond to Edits

When you’ve connected the Studio desktop app and the Studio mobile app by scanning the QR code, edits you make to the haptic effects in the Studio desktop app will immediately be reflected in the Studio mobile app so you can audition them. Below the “play” button in the Studio mobile app, you can see the last time the app received an update from the Studio desktop app. If your edits don’t seem to be appearing on the app and the “Last Updated” time isn’t resetting to “Just Now” when you make edits, here are some things to check:

  • Ensure that both the Studio desktop app and Studio mobile app are connected to the Internet. The edits you make in the Studio desktop app are communicated to the Studio mobile app over the Internet, so both must be connected to the Internet while you make edits.
  • If both applications are connected to the Internet, try re-scanning the Studio desktop app QR Code with the Studio mobile app to re-establish the connection.
  • If both applications are connected to the Internet and rescanning the QR Code doesn’t fix the problem, then there might be a problem with the analysis servers. The system should start working again once the analysis servers are online again.

Studio Mobile App Says My Phone Isn’t Supported

In order for Lofelt Studio to create rich haptics on a mobile phone, that phone must meet certain technical criteria (see the “Device Requirements” section of the documentation). When you run the Studio mobile app on your phone, it will first detect the capabilities of the phone and will present a warning if the phone doesn’t meet the requirements. This occurs most often on Android phones which use ERM actuators (they lack the essential amplitude control needed by Lofelt Studio) or on the iPhone 7 which, in spite of having a Taptic Engine, doesn’t have Core Haptics support (the API essential for Lofelt Studio to communicate with the Taptic Engine).

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